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Meet Jennifer Kettler

Jennifer Kettler

Jennifer Kettler

In 1996, Jennifer Kettler walked through the doors of Express Personnel in Waco, Texas as a candidate, and by the end of the day, she was crowned their receptionist. One year later she was promoted into a Recruiting role, and so began her career. Over the last 17 years, Jennifer's experience has included: Full Cycle Recruiting, Agency Staffing, Medical Staffing, Sales and Corporate Recruiting. She have been in Austin since 2006 where she began her climb to Corporate Recruiting.  Jennifer has been employed with Legalzoom since 2010 and on staff as the Senior Corporate Recruiter.

Jennifer loves Recruiting--it is her passion. She loves being able to make that call to let someone know they GOT THE JOB!!! She loves opening new doors for candidates to grow within a company, to learn new skill sets, and watch them get promoted. For Jennifer, making an positive impact is what it is all about!

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