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Resumes and CV

Resume vs Curriculum Vitae


How do you know if you need a resume or CV? The short answer is that you probably only need the one with which you are already familiar. Keep reading for more information on resumes and CV and the differences between the two.

American Resume

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How to Choose Good References

choose good references

Many individuals seeking career advice have questions about collecting references: What if I just graduated? What kinds of references do potential employers want to see? Although each job seeker’s situation is unique, we invite you to review the following guidelines regarding both the professional etiquette of obtaining references and what types of references are desirable:

No professional references? No problem.

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How to Build Your Resume With 3 Quick Resume Tips

build resumes

There is a ton of information available online about resume tips and how to build your resume, so you may already be familiar with the standard information that appears on a resume and are looking for new resume tips to help you stand out from the crowd. That’s why we have explained how to build your resume in the following three quick and easy resume tips:

1. Start with core competencies.

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