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Top Illegal Interview Questions to Ask

refuse to illegal interview questions

There are several interviewing questions that should be worded in a specific way to avoid any possible discrimination, whether real or unintended. Asking the wrong interviewing questions could lead to a lawsuit or an equally maddening public black eye on your company. Read the following for some of the subtle differences between sample illegal interview questions and interviewing questions that you should ask when searching for your newest employee.

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Employers Checking Social Media

checking social media

In our digital world, many ethical conversations exist regarding social media. Alongside such problems as cyber bullying and hacking into user accounts, the latest trend growing as a result of online networking is employers checking social media. What is an acceptable role for social media in the workplace? Is looking up the accounts of applicants during the hiring process an ethical social media policy? What about the actual use of social media in the workplace?

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Disability in the Workplace: The Americans With Disabilities Act

disability sign

There are several laws that employers need to know in regards to disability in the workplace. The Americans with Disabilities Act is the most important federal standard that must be met by companies. Continue reading to learn about the details of the ADA and its requirements for employers. Please note that the ADA only applies to businesses with 15 or more employees.

Which employees are protected by the ADA?

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