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Employee Satisfaction

Workplace Ergonomics to Create a Fun Work Environment

work environment

Unsafe work environments can cause a variety of mental and physical health issues for employees, which not only reduce productivity but also increase employee-related costs (i.e., too many sick days, increased insurance premiums). Also, happier employees are more productive and more committed employees. 

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5 Work-Life Balance Tips

work-life balance

Traditionally, maintaining work-life balance has been employees’ responsibility, but since the recession in 2008, more and more employers are beginning to recognize the benefits of helping employees maintain work-life balance. Helping employees maintain this balance not only provides stress relief to employees but also improves staff productivity and commitment and reduces turnover.

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3-Step Employee Retention Plan for Reducing Turnover

daycare teacher and kids

Employee turnover is incredibly expensive and often results from misunderstandings between employers and employees. Employers often mistakenly believe that pay is the primary reason for turnover, but employees more frequently cite the following for leaving: 

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