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10 Ways to Streamline Meetings

group meeting

1. Well-structured agendas.

When developing an agenda for a meeting, give priority to the topics that are time-sensitive. Organize the agenda by starting with the most important issues to discuss and moving to the least. You only have a certain number of minutes for a meeting, so you should cover the most important topics first.

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The Difference Between Efficiency and Effectiveness

efficiency in workplace

Though these two words sound similar, efficiency and effectiveness do not have the same meaning, especially in the workplace. Many employers discuss these two concepts in the same conversations all the time, so it’s time to clear up the different meanings.

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Pros and Cons of Using Technology in the Workplace

technology in the workplace

New technology has provided a way for many innovations that make our lives easier, but at the same time, technology has some negative side effects. You might think that the recent technology advancements have only benefitted you and not brought any disadvantages to your workplace, but you might be unintentionally ignoring some of the signs.

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