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Are You Micromanaging?


Studies have shown that many employees are unhappy in a workplace where a micromanager controls their every move. Additionally, most businesses are not successful if they are being micromanaged. Are you a micromanager? In this article we will give the definition of micromanagement, list a couple of characteristics that can help you determine whether you are a micromanager, and list some suggestions on how to be a supervisor who is effective without micromanaging. 

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Building Your Organization’s Leadership Brand

leadership group

When people hear your organization’s name, are they able to identify your leadership style? If your answer is no, then it is important for you to start working on building your organization’s leadership brand. The leadership style your company uses, whether charismatic, transactional, democratic, or transformational, is the way you define your company. Branding your leadership style will uniquely identify your company from other companies.

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Time Management Tips for Managers

time management

Most managers need some background in time management skills. They may have learned these skills through classes they took while in school, workshops they attended, or years of experience. Even so, many managers feel like they do not have enough time to address and resolve the issues their companies face.

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